•   How many devices can be registered by the same user?

    Every user can register up to 5 devices. All your registered devices can be managed by yourself.

  •   How can I increase Wi-Fi security?

    As we want to provide an uncomplicated access to our network there is no encoding of the Wi‑Fi.
    Therefore you are always responsible for the confidentiality of the data transmission.
    If possible, retrieve confidential data only through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection (i.e. https).
    If you want to access a business or home network on a public network always use a virtual private network (VPN).

  •   Are there any limitations when using Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi gives you access to all internet services including VPN.

  •   Which online resources can I access when using Wi-Fi?

    All online resources are accessible via Wi-Fi as long as there are no copyright restrictions. The use of CD-ROMs is not possible.

  •   What requirements do I need to use Wi-Fi?

    To establish a Wi-Fi connection any Wi-Fi capable device will suffice.

  •   My computer does not recognize any network (neither “WLAN-Portal” nor “WLAN-SMB”). What can I do?

    Please check if your Wi-Fi adapter is switched on. Some devices also have an external switch for the Wi-Fi connection.

  •   I have already been logged in to Wi-Fi. Although I did not change anything I cannot connect anymore. What could be the reason?
    • Your library card is expired or has been blocked and was reactivated less than 6 minutes ago. Please try again after a short while.
    • The network addresses of single clients are delivered automatically via DHCP. This connection (client – address) is dismissed after a certain while so that addresses that are used on one day are “free” to connect to a different client on the other day.
      Request a new IP address (Mac OS.X):
      Open the settings for the “WLAN-SMB” network, click on the “Advanced” button -> “TCP/IP” -> “Renew DCHP Lease”.
  •   What proxy settings are required?

    No proxy configuration is needed to use the Wi-Fi. Please deactivate any proxy settings on your device.

  •   My browser reports "No secure connection possible". What can I do?

    Due to a lack of updates on your device, the chain of trust to the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz has been interrupted. Your browser therefore classifies the secure connection as 'insecure'. We recommend the manual installation of the following Deutsche Telekom certificate to solve this.